Using Azure Quick Deploy for Linux VM’s

Something awesome about Azure Resource Manager mode is that the cli can call quick deploy functions in Azure

If you need to create an Azure machine workload quickly, you can do so in a one liner which willl create all the needed network config, assign a public IP, create the port forward for ssh, assign storage and copy your ssh key to the host.

It’s really great for spinning up VM’s that you need to test with and kill later by just deleting the Resource group.Because it really just is one line, you do not even need to script it.

azure vm quick-create \-g newResourceGroup \-n LinuxVM \-l northeurope \-y Linux \-u wdt \-M ~/.ssh/ \-Q UbuntuLTS

By running this one liner (I keep it in a sh for reference and ease of use)

Then just like that, BAM!You can terminal into a new LinuxVM in about 45 seconds.

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