Azure Smartlabs at Microsoft Johannesburg – Intro

I have been lucky enough to be asked to present at new series of events at Microsoft Johannesburg. These “Smart Lab” events are weekly and allow Microsoft customers and Microsoft Technology consumers to come through to the Microsoft Head Office in Johannesburg with their Azure problems/speed bumps/roadmaps and allow us (myself and the Microsoft Technology Centre guys) to help them move forward.

I have decided to create a blog series on some of the various issues/requests/features that we were asked by Microsoft clients.(I’ll update this list and post a new post based on each weeks event)

Part 1 – Azure quick deploy, Open Source in Azure. Deploying via scripting

Part 2 – PAM and AAD

Part 3 – ASR

Part 4 – Data Factory

Part 5 – Machine Learning

Part 6 – App Services and Management

Part 7 –¬†App Services with IoT, deployment slots, Visual Studio Publishing

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