Finding Value in Office 365 E5 – Skype for Business Online and the Cloud Connector Edition.

Recently, my company (NBConsult) decided to host two events here in South Africa, One in Johannesburg and one in Cape Town.

The idea behind these events was to engage customers and give them an idea on just how much the E5 offering from Office 365 can be.

Another privileged opportunity to present along side my mentor Mr Nicolas Blank, I took on the task of explaining what a Cloud Connector Edition is and how to use it. I am not going to re-type everything into the post, so have a look at the slide deck.

I also touched on the Skype Operations Framework, what it is and how it helps the consumer implement Skype for Business.

Attached to this post is my slide deck used for the presentation.

Finding Value in E5 CloudPBX

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