Azure Smartlabs at Microsoft Johannesburg – Part 3 – Azure Site Recovery

ASR to Migrate from Azure Subscription or On-Premises to Another Azure Subscription – Linux Workloads


With this particular session, I was able to use ASR to migrate Linux workloads from one Azure Subscription to another. Why would you need to do this you may ask…
Often there are buy outs, take overs, and workloads need to move seamlessly to different subscriptions, this would be one of the easiest ways to do this.
This method can also be used for a lift and shift approach to your own Data Centre to Azure.

  1. Verify prerequisites and limitations, the specs can be found here.
  2. Set up Azure network and storage accounts.
  3. Prepare the on-premises machine that you want to deploy as the configuration server.
  4. Prepare VMware accounts to be used for automatic discovery of VMs, and optionally for push installation of the Mobility service.
  5. Create a Recovery Services vault. The vault contains configuration settings, and orchestrates replication.
  6. Specify source, target, and replication settings.
  7. Deploy the Mobility service on VMs you want to replicate.
  8. Enable replication for the VMs.
  9. Run a test failover to make sure everything’s working as expected.

The article you should read for more information on how to set ASR up is here and the detailed information on which workloads you can migrate is here

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