Migrating your Datacenter to Azure


I got another chance to present with my mentor, Mr Nicolas Blank, 10 year MVP for Messaging and an all round awesome dude.
We talked about moving “stuff” to Azure, lots of it, and which are the best ways (we have found) to do it.

We discussed the disciplines relating to doing a datacenter move for the very first time, including

  • Elasticity and SLAs, the promise of cloud
  • Basic cloud-based data center design from the ground up for IAAS newbies
  • Introduction to Azure networking architecture, including Express Route, hybrid networking, and DMZ designs
  • How to translate existing on-premises application requirements such as compliance, HA, and DR to cloud-based equivalents
  • Understand different migration approaches, including “lift and shift” to IAAS vs. a service translation approach
  • Creating an application taxonomy to document existing applications and services
  • Plus much more!


Link to Nicolas Blog post here

Link to Webinar here

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