Episode 39: "Do I really need to monitor Office 365?"

A move to the cloud is almost always accompanied by change. Sometimes these changes are pretty obvious and easy to grasp while other times they are more of paradigm shift – one such shift is in the way we monitor out deployments. Monitoring your tenant and supporting services won’t prevent a service problem, but it will help you to respond proactively when one occurs and let your users know about the problem before they start alerting you. In this episode we’ll talk to Justin Harris, CTO of ENow Software about how monitoring cloud services is radically different from monitoring traditional on-premises infrastructure and why it is important to get it right. We’ll also delve into the built-in tools you can use in your own Office 365 tenant and why you may way to consider augmenting those with some third-party monitoring tools.

Justin Justin Harris is a 20+ year technology veteran with a wide range of vertical industry exposure that has a knack for understanding how market trends introduce market needs. Justin directs functional and technical teams in working towards a common goal as Chief Technology Officer for Enow Software. Duties include working with a global partner and customer base, identifying relevant industry trends, identifying gaps in the market, pinpointing urgent problems that need to be solved, designing targeted solutions, crafting go to market messaging, educating internal and external customers and providing support for the sales and marketing teams. You can connect with Justin on LinkedIn or Twitter and be sure to check out ENow Software

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Source: The Cloud Architects