Installing the Community SynCommunity Repos on the Synology DS920+

I was super happy when I learnt that the Synology DSM had a “App Store” called package center, I got started straight away and started installing all the different apps I needed. But what about the ones that weren’t there ? The Synology has docker, which is great, but what about getting packages that are easier to take advantage of the DSM features.

Bring on SynoCommunity. #lovethecommunity

You can quickly add the repo to the package centre and get some really great apps I use all the time. Especially and Home Assistant, the SynoCli tools are also great.

First, go to the package centre. Hit Settings,

Click on package sources in the tabs at the top, ADD a new repo, and paste the address for the repo in there.

Once done, you will see a new section pop up called community with all these awesome additional apps,

That’s it, click install on something like Home Assistant and it will take you through the whole setup as if it were released by Synology themselves.