Episode 44: "Security is a business enabler and a risk reducer.."

We’re Back! Yes! it’s been a little while since we last recorded an episode. Needless to say, the COVID-19 situation globally upset our planned travel and recording schedule just a little. We hope you and yours are keeping safe and well during these crazy times.

In this episode we delve into Cybersecurity, something that has been very topical for many organizations as they have been forced to operate remotely during COVID-19. Our guest, Francisco Donoso helps unpack and explain some common security concepts and shares the top three things you can do to help your organization be safer in today’s cyber world.

Fran Francisco Donoso is the Director of Global Security Strategy at Kudelski Security, a global pure-play security services provider. His passion and hobby is researching and understanding Nation-State hacking or “APT” capabilities and tools. He has been on the forefront of research into the Equation Group’s post-exploitation tools and capabilities since their release by the Shadow Brokers and has spoken about this research at Derbycon, Thotcon, Microsoft Bluehat, and other conferences. You can connect with Fran on Twitter

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