Synology Series – Adguard Container for the kids

I have two children at home aged 9 and 10, and the internet is a very scary place. Lots of bad adverts, lots of dodgy services trying to grab their attention. I found an application called AdGuard, its free.

You can find it here <<Insert link>>

The great thing is that this service can run in a docker container, and what runs my docker containers, my Synology.
So here we go and install the AdGuard container and run it on the NAS.

Step 1 – Install Docker

Install Docker Synology DSM 7

Step 2

Step 3

Now all we do is point the kids devices to the NAS IP as a DNS server and all the filtering is done. You can add and remove services easily, and you can also whitelist certain URL’s like Microsoft for all things Xbox etc….

Another use for the Synology device that I find indispensable.