About Me

I’m Warren, and I’ve had the privilege of serving as a Senior Cloud Solutions Architect at Microsoft, specialising in Azure Apps and Infrastructure. With over two decades of experience, my career has revolved around the dynamic world of cloud computing and open source technology.

In 2020, I embarked on an exciting journey with Microsoft, where I’ve been an active participant in the Azure community, both locally in South Africa and on the global stage. My dedication to technology and community involvement is evident in my role in organizing community events sponsored by Microsoft. I’m passionate about creating spaces for knowledge sharing, which has earned me respect as an influential figure in the Azure ecosystem.

My expertise lies at the intersection of open source and cloud networking. I’ve had the opportunity to build global grids for leading cloud providers, positioning me as a valuable resource for enterprise customers seeking to make the transition to the cloud. Additionally, I extend my guidance to system integrators, helping them craft their own bespoke cloud offerings.

Beyond my professional pursuits, I’m deeply committed to educating and empowering others in the realm of open source and DevOps for Azure-based workloads. I believe that knowledge sharing is key to unlocking the full potential of cloud technology.

My dynamic career and unwavering dedication to the Azure and open source communities have made me a sought-after speaker, thought leader, and architect who thrives on driving innovation in the ever-evolving cloud landscape.

I am also part of the Kemp Platinum Influencers group and host another Podcast with some amazing MVP’s, Nicolas Blank and Chris Goosen. You can find it Here.

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